Tax Advisory Services

Our tax services are designed to reflect optimality, trust and certainty. We actively cooperate with our clients focusing on providing advice with potential tax savings while also aiming at managing tax risks associated with business transactions and achieving effective tax compliance.

Effective tax planning contributes a vital role in the business environment.

With a proven record, we have been guiding our clients safely through the complexity of national and international tax regulations. National tax regulation can be complex – international tax, even more so. We are proud to provide experienced tax advisors who can perform in-depth analyses and orchestrate complex international arrangements. International tax compliance is taken as standard but international tax planning requires that we communicate with our global member firms to ensure that our clients can optimize their tax positions worldwide.

We have specialized transfer pricing team with an accesss to natioal and international databases assisting clients with preparation of TP documentation on national and international level.

Ključni kontakti

Miloš Mitrić

Managing partner and director

Ana Ćelap

Tax & Outsourcing Partner

Aleksandar Milosavljevic

Audit Partner