Corporate Finance

Not all companies can call on an in-house CFO to handle all their accounting needs, prepare tax filings and profit/loss statements, and provide financial advice to support the business strategy.

The role of finance function is dynamic, constantly evolving to keep pace with the changing demands of internal and external customers and technology. We can address clients’ current challenges and explore opportunities for continuous growth, delivering innovative solutions and supporting finance as a forward-thinking, strategic partner to the business. At the core of our methodology is aligning clients’ people, processes and technology to drive efficiency and productivity, enabling change and creating value for the entire organization through improvement of finance function.

In addition to providing access to accurate and reliable financial information which is a crucial prerequisite for making strategic decisions quickly and effectively, we can offer CFO on demand services to assist clients in their financial and development goals. A virtual CFO is an affordable alternative to hiring a full-time CFO and can make a big difference in securing long-term business success. By monitoring the financial health of the business, creating budgets and forecast, and offering financial insights and guidance on business decisions, this service adds significant, tangible value to business growth.

Ključni kontakti

Miloš Mitrić

Managing partner and director

Ana Ćelap

Tax & Outsourcing Partner