Friendly, reliable and proactive approach which provides added value as a key link in the chain of financial reporting.


    A reliable, fast and optimal tax advice in line with local and international regulations.


    While clients think about the development of the core business, we ensure compliance with statutatory reporting obigations, provide information for decision making,
    identify tax risks and opportunities for tax savings and implement controling function on behalf of the owners and management.


    An interdisciplinary approach that enables detection and examination of fraud, evaluation of incurred losses and providing advice with preventive
    character in the function of suppressing unpleasant surprises and keeping the reputation by enhancing ethical behavior, transparency and corporate compliance.


    Tailor made advice to help companies, intermediaries and public institutions how to reduce risk, improve results, realize transactions and create additional value.


    One boutique for international companies that start business in Serbia – from company incorporation, opening a bank account, temporary or permanent registration at our business address,
    effective secretarial administration, corporate finance and support in negotiations with banks and state institutions about grants and incentives.

About Us

Our audit and consulting company is one of the oldest in Serbia. We are established in 2000, and in 2014 we became a member firm of DFK International, which is with 220 member firms, 419 offices in 92 countries and a team of more than 11.000 professionals, one of the top 10 international associations of independent accounting firms and business advisers, whose members have been meeting the needs of clients with global interests for over 50 years. With experience and technical expertise of the partners, directors and staff, and the excellent ties that we maintain with the other network firms around the globe, our firm provides various services to a broad range of clients in all major sectors. Find out more about us.